The Healing Place of New Hanover County Celebrates Six Months - The Healing Place of New Hanover County The Healing Place of New Hanover County Celebrates Six Months - The Healing Place of New Hanover County

The Healing Place of New Hanover County Celebrates Six Months


As of today, The Healing Place of New Hanover County (THPNC) has served Greater Wilmington and its surrounding areas for six months. The long-term addiction recovery program began serving residents in February of 2023. Since opening, there have been more than 2,195 admissions to their residential recovery program, detox facility, and overnight shelter. 

“Though we have only been open for six months, we have built a community here. A community of people who love each other, who hold each other accountable, and who continually share their experiences to keep each other moving forward,” said Brian Mingia, Executive Director of THPNC. “We do this work because every single day we see the light come back on in someone’s eyes. We will be doing this work for as long as anyone needs us, we are the last house on the block and our lights are always on.”

Fast Facts on The Healing Place of New Hanover County:

  • THPNC first opened its doors to welcome individuals into its recovery program on February 1, 2023.
  • Since opening, the non-profit organization has helped 425 individuals, ages 18 – 74 (181 females and 244 males) through their residential recovery program.
  • THPNC’s non-medical, social setting detox facility opened to the public on May 15, 2023 and has helped 335 individuals in providing detox services from drugs and alcohol. THPNC’s overnight shelter has provided a warm bed and safe place to stay for 1,435 men and women.
  • More than 67,000 meals were served for individuals on its campus.
  • Local health care provider, Cape Fear Clinic, has provided healthcare for 419 individuals at the on-site primary care clinic. 
  • 93 men and women were enrolled in Cape Fear’s HealthNet program, connecting them to local healthcare resources to use once they complete the program. Prior to enrolling at THPNC, these individuals would frequently use local emergency department resources for basic primary care needs.
  • The organization provides services for men and women in New Hanover County and 27 other counties in the eastern part of North Carolina.

THPNC is committed to being a resource for individuals struggling with addiction in Eastern North Carolina. Located on Medical Center Drive, THPNC is the only peer-run, long-term, substance use residential program in southeastern North Carolina and is modeled after a nationally-recognized social model recovery program in Louisville, Kentucky known as The Healing Place. This model has been replicated in multiple locations throughout Kentucky, Virginia and North Carolina, helping thousands of people to reach and maintain recovery. 

Individuals receive treatment at no cost to them, regardless of insurance. The non-profit works with Trillium Health Resources providers across its 28-county region to bring participants who are seeking support for their substance use disorder. The program offers an overnight emergency shelter, withdrawal management, and a long-term, 12-step based residential peer-run recovery program. 

Average national rates of recovery vary from 40 to 60 percent but graduates from The Healing Place models maintain an average recovery rate of 70 percent one year after completion – making it more effective than the national average at helping people to recover. This unique model encourages accountability and involvement; residents want to be at The Healing Place and become active members of their community. 

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